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Kick Action Academy: Empowering Girls Through Football

Community Initiative Receives ESG Funding

Last summer, North London Estate Partnerships (NLEP) awarded Kick Action Academy £650 from their ESG fund. This grant allowed the academy to purchase new football kits and rain jackets for their thriving girls' team.

More Than Just a Game

Kick Action Academy, a community-led program based in Finchley, provides football training for boys and girls aged 3-16. They utilize the pitches at Finchley Memorial Hospital, aligning with CHP's "Buildings at the Heart of the Community" initiative. This access to quality training facilities has been instrumental in the success of the girls' team, with some players even representing Barnet Borough in the London Youth Games.

Making a Difference

"Without the pitches and the support from CHP and NELP," says Head Coach Kafele Morgan, "the girls wouldn't be able to train or compete effectively."

Kick Action Academy is a powerful example of community-led action. They've shattered stereotypes by creating a flourishing girls' program with over 40 participants each week. Additionally, a recent player served as a local role model, highlighting the positive impact football can have on confidence and academic performance.

Beyond the Pitch

Kick Action Academy recognizes the importance of both physical and social development. Their program fosters teamwork, discipline, friendships, and a sense of community within a safe and positive environment.

Investing in the Future

Kick Action Academy is a valuable asset to Finchley. By supporting their program, we can empower young girls, promote healthy lifestyles, and cultivate a stronger sense of community spirit.


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