Vale Drive Primary Care Centre

North London Estate Partnerships (NLEP) designed and delivered the Vale Drive Primary Care Centre as part of a Strategic Service Development Plan, to enable a new service delivery model to be implemented.


The former Barnet Primary Care Trusts (BPCT) strategic objective was to facilitate the provision of a wide and comprehensive range of primary care services across the BPCT area, from a network of new purpose built premises enabling a shift of services from the acute setting into the community. Vale Drive Primary Care Centre is a major component of this strategy and provides facilities for 3 GP practices and a wide range of community services. 


The building was constructed on a sloping site and uses the natural contours to mask the massing of the part three storey building and blends into the adjacent roof line; the building was constructed using traditional facing brickwork.


The internal accommodation was designed to be light and airy with bright, vibrant colours for the internal colour scheme.


The centre at Vale Drive Primary Care Centre continues to provide the existing services, but in support of the former BPCT’s vision of core and extended primary care for the local population, now also provides a new GP practice, together with some new services previously provided from hospitals. NLEP worked closely with the former BPCT to ensure value for money, affordability, best practice and 100% cost transparency, which is vital when spending public money. NLEP also oversee the facilities management (FM) and life cycle works for this building, which is delivered by Integral FM on a day-to-day basis.


Barnet CCG commissions the services delivered from Finchley Memorial Hospital. All enquiries in this regard should be directed to NHS Barnet CCG. CHP Property Team manage the building on a day-to-day basis and all enquiries in this regard should be directed to CHP.


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